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Non-profit board and fundraising volunteers often struggle when being asked to fundraise for their organization. Often they do not know how to fundraise, or they do not see themselves as a fundraiser or avoid it completely. I believe board volunteers could become very effective fundraisers if they could overcome these challenges.

I will be teaching a webinar in September 2020 that will help board members with this challenge by helping them focus on their personal values and to use these values as a way to leverage their relationships with donors, sponsors and other supporters. Board members will move from being fundraising challenges to seeing themselves as leaders of philanthropy in their organizations. Importantly, the end result is they will help the charities raise critical funds to maintain their longevity and help those they serve. Stay tuned – this will be important for those wanting to help their organization survive during COVID19 funding cuts.

use your personal values from fundraising-challenged to leader of philanthropy
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