Pivoting to online courses to use my passion and interest in personal values to inspire people to raise more funds and support for their causes

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I use my passion and interest in personal values to inspire people who work in organizations to raise more support and funds for their causes.

I am pivoting to online courses

After 30+ years in fundraising in all positions and sectors and as a result of COVID 19, I am pivoting my work to offer online courses and webinars for board members and staff in non profits. I will be mainly focussing on how they can leverage their personal values to raise more support and funds for their organizations.

Why personal values?

That’s where we get our passion for life and knowing them gives us confidence. As a Barrett Value Centre Consultant I wanted to use the skills I learned in their training to help others live a happier, more confident life as volunteers or paid staff. It’s an area that is not focussed on enough in fundraising. We all assume personal values, but with the Barrett’s tools and my EWorkbook you can gain more clarity.

Who are the courses for?

The first course, coming in September 2020 is directed at Board members who feel “fundraising-challenged” or want to improve their fundraising for their organization. The course will help them identify their personal values, teach them everything they need to know about fundraising (on one page) and help them move from a fearful, challenged state to becoming a “Leader of Philanthropy” in their organization. Everyone benefits when board members take on this important role. There will be lots of tools, tips and exercises to bring out their leadership.


If you are interested in being on the mailing list for this course to start in September, contact me.

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